No Chimney? Have An Ethanol Fireplace Instead!

So many of us love the feeling of having a crackling fire in the room. It's cosy in the winter and any fireplace is an elegant feature in the home, even when there is no fire burning. Unfortunately, not every house and building structure lends itself to a fireplace with chimney, yet an Ethanol fireplace can still create the same effect without all the bother.

The fact that these types of fireplaces don't need to have the air exhaust means that there are endless possibilities as to where to install them and which design and natural stone materials to choose from. You could even just liven up an old classical fireplace and convert it in to an Ethanol fuelled one. Some decide to design their own and use stone or other fireproof materials.

The pictures below show one of our most modern designs we recently created for a client. Made out of  a solid French limestone in a very warm colour and texture, it easily enhances every room without the need for a chimney.

The installation is simple and we can make it to any size you want.

So you can enjoy your new "almost real" fireplace straight away, we give you a FREE first bottle of Bio-Ethanol fuel with any ordered Ethanol fireplace.