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Churches & Extensions

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Crowland Abbey

The stone work for this extension was subcontracted to Carvero and carried out hand in hand with the advice of an archaeologist, and in collaboration with stonemason Richard McCrone. The materials came from two main sources: a collection of old cut stone which had been located nearby, and new stone which was carefully sourced to match the old. Stones from both time periods have been distributed across the outer wall to make the extension appear less stark in contrast to the old structure. It should be remembered that many buildings of this sort boast structural and decorative work from at least two different periods, sometimes hundreds of years apart; this and the work below are classic examples.

Thurnby Church

The granite for the masonry on this local extension project was donated by a quarry in Mountsorrel and hand-picked by Carvero’s director. Carvero was subcontracted to carry out the stone work for an addition to Thurnby Church, which was to match the original style of the church. The fixing was skilfully executed and the result was a tasteful exterior to a structure which houses improved kitchen and access facilities.


The stonework for this extension was all constructed from Clipsham limestone. The extension facilitated improved access to the church, better kitchen facilities and a new vestry. Carvero was part of this project as a subcontractor for the fitting of all limestone elements.